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2021 Training Announcement

2020 has been a year of change and new norms. COVID-19 affects everything and everyone in some way. The WUA is not immune to this truth.

The design of the WUA training is a blend of in-person, classroom and hands-on use. Students learn rules from a book and debate. They learn 2-man umpire mechanics by demonstration and practice. Students learn game management skills through advice and real-world examples; then apply what they discuss. Most of all, they get coaching from 18 staff members that combine for over 400 years of “doing it”. Our history shows that hands-on drills add value for the students and supports their growth into becoming good umpires.

To support how and what we teach, we must have buildings with classrooms and a gym. With all the COVID-19 safety precautions, controls and rules our normal facility (Whitnall Middle School) is no longer open to us. We are looking at changes to our classroom approach while keeping our quality. Our current struggle is how to supply the hands-on parts of our training without risking quality and value.

The leaders and staff of the WUA are looking for a place that will allow us to continue to have face-to-face lessons. Stay tuned, we hope to have an answer soon. When we do, we will update this message and start taking enrollment.

Steve Anderson

WUA Assistant to the Training Director

Welcome to the Wisconsin Umpires Association!

Founded in 1927, the WUA serves southeastern Wisconsin as a training and developmental organization for baseball and softball umpires. More than 200 men and women belong to the WUA and our members work nearly every level of baseball and softball, from independent minor league baseball to youth leagues.

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